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This site is for people of all sexual orientation and genders to openly share their stories of first-person sexual or gender-based violence. There are no rules as to what you cannot share in regards to topic. Be specific or abstract. Take any viewpoint or describe your experience in any way that is appropriate or helpful to you.

Examples of what can be shared:

  • Stories of sexual harrassment
  • Stories of sexual assault
  • Meditations on how your assault has affected your life
  • Artwork that you’ve created to help you deal with or express your experiences
  • One-liners
  • Full paragraphs or stories
  • Poetry
  • Pictures of artwork you’ve created with details (optional)
  • Tips and education on how to deal with sexual assault from people with experience
  • All tones and themes welcome


  • Each submission will be copyedited for spelling only before being posted.
  • All real names will have to be removed for legal purposes.
  • Clearly mark on your submission how you want your signature to appear. Some examples:
    • Anonymous male, 36 years old, St. John’s
    • Stacey, other, 25 years old, West Coast of Newfoundland
    • Kerri Jane, 38, St. John’s

If you do not submit a clear signature for your post, I will simply use “Anonymous.”

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All correspondence is confidential.