This site is a place for victims of sexual and gender-based violence to share their stories safely and anonymously. It’s a labour of love and is not associated with any organization. The idea sparked after having many conversations with various members of the community about gender-based violence based on a book I published called Rock Paper Sex for which I interviewed sex workers and then told their stories. I thought, if people are learning as much as I did from that book, it means they’re listening. Research related experiences coupled with what’s going on in Hollywood with sickening amounts of women and men coming out about their victimization, and then with the POTUS admitting to committing sexual assault himself, I thought the time is now to open up and say whatever I (and you) want.

Sexual and gender-based violence is a topic that far too many of us do not want to talk about. As I said only a few days ago to a friend, no one likes the girl who points out all the sexist stuff she sees around her, but it’s time for people to speak out if they choose too and if the time is right for them. They can do so here without anyone knowing who they are, without ratting out their abuser, without fear of losing their job, without fear of outing their uncle, without fear.

My hope for this site is to help elevate the voices of victims and those with experience so that people begin to listen. So that we begin to understand why this type of violence can not only exist but also thrive. So that we begin to understand why more and more women are getting killed in our province. So that we can educate law makers, law enforcers, and policy makers and work together to make our province a safer place. So that we can begin to understand the totality of what it means to be victimized and still have to carry on.