On his front lawn at dawn

6 years ago after a wedding in Corner Brook I went back to one of the guy’s houses. In his shed I drank a beer and he smoked a joint. I started to feel uneasy and told him I’d like to leave. He proceeded to stand in the way of the exit and was obviously angered, all but stating that my presence had promised sex. I wanted to leave. I asked to leave, I was scared, I started to cry. I moved passed him and in the driveway on his front lawn at dawn he yelled at me. He yelled at me and followed me and yelled more. All the while I was crying. Before he gave up he yelled “Fine, go fuck some hockey player from Mount Pearl.”  And then the giant man he is sat on his lawn and yelled more as I found my way back to townsite, calling my sister on the way, barely audible through my sobbing.
The next day after someone called him on it he said he’d speak to me. He told me he gets like that when he’s drunk. And the many stories I’ve heard back this up.

The silence is disappointing.

Ashley M

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