Everyone’s favourite teacher

When I was 11 I was in the school band. I stayed behind after class to get my teacher to help me with the flute. I was having trouble and he was so fun and sweet. Everyone’s favorite teacher. I sat in my uniform next to him and watched him play the flute for a second, then he handed it to me while he hummed the song and tapped my knee with his hand. With the other hand he loosened his tie, then unbuttoned his shirt. Not all the way, just half way. I was so uncomfortable and didn’t really understand why he was doing that. He then started to rub my back and continued humming the music. I just kept looking down at my feet. When he stopped humming I got up and thanked him for his help and left. I didn’t tell anyone at first. I mean he didn’t really “do” anything, I thought. Plus this teacher knew my dad and I thought dad would get upset if he knew. So I confided in friends at school. They didn’t believe me. So I let it go. One day my guidance counselor took me out of class and said there was a rumor going around school that this teacher had raped me. I was horrified. So when I explained what happened she said she would have to tell the principal and notify my parents. My parents were so angry. I remember Mom crying and Dad fuming. The principal said he would talk to the teacher. That was it. The teacher remained the music teacher at that school for many years. I quit band immediately and would see him in the halls. He once stopped me and asked why I had quit. I just said I wasn’t interested anymore.

Anonymous, female, 38

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